Jan Hus

The Moravian Church, or Unitas Fratrum, is one of the oldest Reformational religious community. More than a century before the theses of Martin Luther were attached to the Wittenberg church door, the first signs of resistance against the then powerful Roman Catholic church were noticeable in Bohemia. » read more

Count Zinzendorf

An epoch of persecution, oppression and disharmony followed; in the early history of the Unitas Fratrum (officially established in 1457), there was general turmoil. From Bohemia the brothers left for the neighboring country of Moravia. Under the leadership of John Comenius, the educational reformer, many of the Moravians left for the Netherlands in the 17th century. » read more

The Beginnings of Moravian Mission

The first tradesmen settled around Count Zinzendorf's castle in the adjacent hamlet of Bertelsdorf. The estate still exists and is under restoration. The community of settlers rapidly increased in number to more than a thousand brothers and sisters. They worked, helped each other and practiced their religion together. » read more